Exploring Society

Exploring Society is an introductory, college-level Sociology course produced by Dallas Tele Learning. The lively and engaging programs utilize the unique qualities of video to help students understand how sociology can provide them with a new way of looking at the world. Stories and situations are used to dramatize the human conflicts at the core of all sociological issues.
Each program features interviews with sociologists and other experts who have been chosen for their individual expertise, as well as for the diverse backgrounds, approaches and viewpoints they bring to this production. Specific voiceover narration is used throughout each lesson to reinforce key points.

Each video lesson/program is divided into segments that may be used as stand-alone modules on specific topics. Throughout the course, students explore unique sociological ideas through the use of short, intense visual vignettes. These vignettes, referred to as "Visual Sociology" or "Then and Now," act as transitions between segments for many of the lessons.

‚ÄčTelecourse Video Segments:

  1. Why Sociology?
  2. Sociological Perspectives
  3. Sociological Inquiry
  4. Culture
  5. Socialization
  6. Social Interactions, Relationships & Structure
  7. Social Groups
  8. Formal Organizations & Bureaucracy
  9. Communities, Societies & Nations
  10. Social Stratification
  11. Social Class
  12. Gender
  13. Race & Ethnicity
  14. Age
  15. Deviance & Social Control
  16. Social Institutions: Religion, Family & Economics
  17. Social Institutions: Politics & Education
  18. Health & Medicine
  19. Communications Media & Technology
  20. Population and Urbanization
  21. Social Change
  22. Social Action