Standard Deviants School Sociology Video

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Module 1: The Basics

  • The Standard Deviants introduce a few sociology terms and then cover some of the heavy hitters in the field, including the founder of communism, Karl Marx. 

Module 2: Famous Figures in Sociology 

  • The Standard Deviants cover the major contributors to the field of sociology. Who are these people? How'd they get into the history books? What did they say about family and society? Find out how their work influences budding sociologists today. 

​Module 3: Research and Societies

  • It's full steam ahead into the sociology research process. Let's say you have a theory about how the world works. Now what? Time to do a little research. You'll find out how sociologists create a hypothesis, search for literature and observe their subjects. Then we'll travel back in time as we cover the different types of societies that have existed throughout history, like hunter/gatherer societies. 

Module 4: Culture

  • There are many different ways to look at culture. Materialism, ethnocentrism and norms are just three of the theories you'll learn in the Standard Deviants culture club. Then, we'll explore the hoity-toity world of status and social groups. ​

​​Module 5: Society and the Individual

  • ​Do you act differently around certain people? Have you ever felt like an actor on a stage? These are some of the questions the Standard Deviants explore in this program. By the end, you'll have an answer to the question: "How did you become you."

​Module 6: Conformity

  • Why do some groups and people conform to the norms, and others don't? We'll look at social control, the method by which conformity is taught and enforced. Then, we'll cover theories of deviance, including several theories on why a social group or person may violate society's norms. 

Module 7: Social Structures

  • It's a battle royale! Doctor vs. factory worker. Average Joe vs. CEO. What are we talking about? Social stratification: the structured inequalities in society. You'll find out the main ways that people are ranked in society. Finally, the Standard Deviants cover social mobility which deals with the question, "How do people move up and down in a stratified system." 

Module 8: Integration

  • Find out how minority groups are integrated into society, including the five main stages of integration, from segregation to amalgamation. 

Sociology Companion CD

Transform your Standard Deviants School video programs into complete lessons with this supplementary CD-ROM! Each disc contains everything you need to present and reinforce the material covered in the DVD/video modules, including a Teacher's Guide with helpful presentation notes, a Program Guide that lists the most important topics in each program, illustrated QuikNotes with definitions and examples, and a quiz. Also usable with the Standard Deviants videos. Easy-to-access text files in PDF format.

Mac and PC compatible.

Media Type: 8 DVDs + CD Guide
Run Time: 208 minutes
Grade Level: 10+