The Stimulating World of Psychology
Module 1: The Basics

The Basics- The Standard Deviants give you an answer to the question, "What is psychology." Then, it's the great nature versus nurture debate: Are people influenced more by their genes or their environment?

Module 2: Responding to Stimuli
Responding to Stimuli- The Standard Deviants cover the major senses and the ways they relate to psychology. Then, find out what influences your behavior as we cover several theories of motivation. You'll be drooling with excitement as we explain Pavlov's experiment on classical conditioning, one of the most well-known experiments in the field.

Module 3: Learning and Development
Learning and Development- Find out how other people influence your behavior. Next, we'll try to recall some facts about memory. Do you remember what you ate for dinner last night? How about last week? The Standard Deviants shed some light on how your gray matter stores and recalls information... or doesn't.

Standard Deviants School Psychology Video

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